HandyMD is a puzzle game developed for Google Play and iOS and published by Surewash with an aim to promote correct hand washing practices.

A dangerous virus called the Handurian Flu is on the loose and it infects individuals who don’t wash their hands. You play as Dr. Handrew Johnson, a world-renowned doctor who makes his way through a quarantined laboratory to save infected patients by treating them.

But beware: Anything you do makes your hands dirty! You have to make sure that your hands are clean prior to treating patients. Moreover, if your hands get too dirty, you get infected yourself. The challenges get increasingly difficult, with various mechanics being slowly introduced into the game.

My role of the game was that of the primary designer of the game. This included the core mechanics, levels, dialogues and game text. I was also the exclusive graphics artist and wrote about a third of the programming.

You can download it completely for free by following the links above, without any ads or in-app purchases. The catch is simply that you must tell your friends about it if you enjoyed it, or you’ll otherwise become infected by the Handurian Flu. That is all.

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