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New project

I have been trying to start working a new game, but I’ve just not had enough free time since I started working for Mcor Technologies. Each time I sit down to think about the design of a game, it eventually turns out to be very ambitious in every department. I have planned out a couple of games with promising ideas, and I intend to work on them… eventually. But, that probably won’t happen while I work solo, especially due to the fact I’m mostly a programmer and not an artist.

There’s also another problem I was not expecting: I don’t have enough motivation to work on 3D games (which all my good ideas are based on), because I work with 3D programming every day at work  for a non-gaming application. Not enough 3D juice left in me, I suppose.

For this reason, I thought it’d be a good idea to go back to the basics and work on a very simple, sprite-based puzzle game. I’ve laid out the basic design, did some of the programming and drew a few of the sprites. There is a title, but I won’t mention it until I have something more substantial to show.

For now, here is a walking Troll. This is the controllable character in the game:

3x size

Aaand we’re back. Sort of.

I know that I haven’t created a single new post in ages here. Not only that, but my website has not been working since late December and I’ve only realized that today – exactly a month later. What happened was that my current custom theme references its parent theme. WordPress had updated itself and deleted that theme for some reason. I couldn’t even login to wordpress to fix it. The solution was to go to my actual files and rename the folder of my theme. WordPress then allowed me to log-in, so I re-installed the missing theme and re-activated my custom theme. Props to my friend at for this very simple solution.

Thing is, I’ve been very busy with my new job and settling in a new city. A lot of my daily programming struggles involve very specific code related to work, so I didn’t have much to write about anyway.

For now, here is a word of wisdom:

If you want to make games, stay away from Java.

Not that Java isn’t okay for most things, but it is especially bad for 3d graphics programming. It’s not even a matter of preference. I will write a proper post about this soon.

New employment!

I have been offered the position of Software Engineer at Mcor Technologies. This is truly great news, and I’m very excited and looking forward to start working there. They are the manufacturers of amazing 3d printing technology that can print highly detailed coloured models. See it for yourself:

After finishing my MSc, I had been actively looking for employment. Finding something that is both viable and interesting enough is not easy for any computer scientist. This job offers both of those things, and for that I am truly blessed.

It also looks like game design will remain a hobby for me, but I am not at all complaining. In fact, this recent development is in all likelihood far better than starting out at a crappy game studio that makes copycats of copycat games in an effort to cash in through ads and in-app purchases.

Hello World!

Behold, the secret project that I had been working on for the past few days: A new blog/site or whatever you want to call it. If you wish to know what this is about, then, well, go to the About page. Or click here.

Yes, I know I’m using the default WordPress theme, which is usually a shameful thing for anyone who bestows the title of “developer” upon themselves – let alone the title of a scheming developer – but I like it! It’s simple, clean, mobile-friendly and it looks good. Okay, maybe not too good by default, because I did tinker with it a little to get it to look nicer. And, in doing so, I redeemed myself.

There is nothing more that can be said here, except to stay tuned for actual content that should be coming. Any day now. See you soon!