Welcome to my site, stranger!

I am Charis Marangos, aka Zoodinger, an aspiring programmer who aims to change the course of history through scandalously gorgeous and inconceivably witty programming code. While I’m in the process of achieving this grand vision, I like to take some breaks from time to time during which I pretend that I am creative and artistic. Whether or not I am convincing in this struggle depends heavily on the individual who evaluates my efforts. This blog is the aftereffect of the countless adventures I experience in my daily activities as a programmer, graphics artist, game designer, wannabe musician and whatever else it is that I do in front of my computer screen.

portrait_transbackSome of that is laden with wisdom brought forth by hours of mental headaches, of which a big part had sadly been wasted on the ears of poor souls who had no concept of what it was that I actually ranted about. Moreover, the majority of my past side projects will never see the light of day as I stopped caring about them the day they were done, or I just abandoned them half-way. They have either been forever lost or are lying dormant within dusty USB sticks and forgotten hard drives that will only be rediscovered hundreds of years from now when the scholars of the next millennium will dig up relics of their past in an attempt to make sense of what exactly went wrong with human civilization.

This realization led me to believe that it might be a good idea to record what’s happening so that, from now on, none of it will vanish. Except, of course, for those projects of mine that I’ve been silently scheming to bring into fruition unbeknownst to anyone else. Their source and binaries are too powerful to fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, I’m still keeping those for myself, for the sake of all that is good and just.