Java is bad for games

I see the topic of choosing the “right language” when it comes to games brought up too many times in discussions all over the internet. The argument is usually between C++, C#, and Java. People do get religious about their favourite languages. At its heart this is an inherently flawed question, because the real decision should be on what framework or engine is best suited for a particular game, and that choice will usually dictate what language to use. Of course, the languages supported by a specific framework or engine can definitely be an important factor that may affect your decision.

And the truth is, assuming you have a choice, Java comes short in the race. When this is pointed out, some people erroneously claim that it’s a matter of “opinion”. That’d be true if it wasn’t so easy to prove that Java is ill-suited for games development. “You’d use the right tool for the right job” is very noble statement, and one that applies a lot in any kind of software development. But it’s also very abused and it gives the false impression that Java is sometimes the right tool.

It’s not.

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