Aaand we’re back. Sort of.

I know that I haven’t created a single new post in ages here. Not only that, but my website has not been working since late December and I’ve only realized that today – exactly a month later. What happened was that my current custom theme references its parent theme. WordPress had updated itself and deleted that theme for some reason. I couldn’t even login to wordpress to fix it. The solution was to go to my actual files and rename the folder of my theme. WordPress then allowed me to log-in, so I re-installed the missing theme and re-activated my custom theme. Props to my friend at for this very simple solution.

Thing is, I’ve been very busy with my new job and settling in a new city. A lot of my daily programming struggles involve very specific code related to work, so I didn’t have much to write about anyway.

For now, here is a word of wisdom:

If you want to make games, stay away from Java.

Not that Java isn’t okay for most things, but it is especially bad for 3d graphics programming. It’s not even a matter of preference. I will write a proper post about this soon.

2 thoughts on “Aaand we’re back. Sort of.”

  1. Well I think that is a very bold statement regards Java and games. It could probably be the language that has the most games of any language (Android). Maybe you are specifically referring to the Desktop?

    1. I’m not saying you can’t make games, or that it’s not possible to make professional games with it. I’m just saying you’re better off using a different language.

      IMO, its greatest weaknesses (for games) is that it has no value-types. This forces you to work with things like FloatBuffers, that aren’t directly convertible to anything other than floats without incurring big overheads or without being unnecessarily verbose. I have to use Java for work, and I miss how much easier it was to do vector and matrix math in C# or C++.

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