Aaand we’re back. Sort of.

I know that I haven’t created a single new post in ages here. Not only that, but my website has not been working since late December and I’ve only realized that today – exactly a month later. What happened was that my current custom theme references its parent theme. WordPress had updated itself and deleted that theme for some reason. I couldn’t even login to wordpress to fix it. The solution was to go to my actual files and rename the folder of my theme. WordPress then allowed me to log-in, so I re-installed the missing theme and re-activated my custom theme. Props to my friend at for this very simple solution.

Thing is, I’ve been very busy with my new job and settling in a new city. A lot of my daily programming struggles involve very specific code related to work, so I didn’t have much to write about anyway.

For now, here is a word of wisdom:

If you want to make games, stay away from Java.

Not that Java isn’t okay for most things, but it is especially bad for 3d graphics programming. It’s not even a matter of preference. I will write a proper post about this soon.