New employment!

I have been offered the position of Software Engineer at Mcor Technologies. This is truly great news, and I’m very excited and looking forward to start working there. They are the manufacturers of amazing 3d printing technology that can print highly detailed coloured models. See it for yourself:

After finishing my MSc, I had been actively looking for employment. Finding something that is both viable and interesting enough is not easy for any computer scientist. This job offers both of those things, and for that I am truly blessed.

It also looks like game design will remain a hobby for me, but I am not at all complaining. In fact, this recent development is in all likelihood far better than starting out at a crappy game studio that makes copycats of copycat games in an effort to cash in through ads and in-app purchases.

Serializing delegates in Unity

Delegates are one of the nicer features of C#. They’re essentially high-level and type-safe references to methods. But, like pretty much every fancy C# feature, delegate values are not serializable by default. If you hold a reference to a delegate, it will be lost during code hot-reload. I will show you a way to serialize them and explain how they work.

Note: This solution is inspired by the uFAction tool in Unity, which I am not affiliated with. Go check it out here.

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